Peer-reviewed publications

"Christ and the Cradle: The Explanatory Power of Christian Theism for Basic Moral Sensibilities on the Ontology of Children." Lynchburg, VA: Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity, September 2017. 

“The Life and Work of William Lane Craig.” The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers in America: From 1600 to the Present. Co-authored with David Baggett. John R. Shook, Editor (New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2016). 211-214. 

“An Incongruent Amalgamation: John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism on Naturalism.” Eleutheria, 4:2 (2015).

Professional presentations

“Poor Apologetics: Poverty And Apologetics Within The Local Church.” Presented at the 2016 Eastern Regional Evangelical Theological Society. Lynchburg, Virginia, April 1, 2016. 

"Anthropology and Economics: How Sound Economic Policy Reflects Biblical Anthropology.” Presented at the Liberty University Research Symposium, Lynchburg, Virginia, November 5, 2015.

“The Relationship between Theology and Ethics: How Theology informs Ethics.” Presented at the University of Transylvania, Brasov, Romania, October 13, 2013.


Book reviews

Review of Douglas Groothuis, Philosophy in Seven Sentences. Christian Research Journal, 39:5 (2016): 56.


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